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Learn how to trade options

You can learn to trade options in Denver, or anywhere with an internet connection. The secret is knowing when to trade. Options give great leverage and safety, but diminish in value over time if you’re on the wrong side. We teach you how to find turns and then how to profit – whether the market is going up or down.

Double your money faster – especially in falling markets! We teach people to  use technical analysis to predict market turns and include a subscription to our financial newsletter to keep training you and keep you on track with market changes. We teach you to use market indicators to read stock charts for yourself. Whether you’re a swing trader, day trader or just need to hit a couple home runs per year this is one of the best online trading program you can find. We’ll show you stocks, options and ETFs ready to turn, and for those ready, opportunities with futures such as the S&P e-mini, NASDAQ or Russel 2000.

With a wiser strategy, and a 100% guaranteed^ approach you can trust  to put you on the path of financial recovery, you can hope again! You can trade your own account or use a broker familiar with our techniques. We don’t handle your money; we teach you!

Focus on the full financial picture with an experienced partner!

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Are you tired of relying on other people? We teach you how to personally prosper. See how Jason did:


Cornerstone Financial’s lead forecaster and trainer, Eric Gemelli, has written a syndicated finance column read by millions, had his own radio show and has even been invited to speak on the “Success At Sea” cruise. His thrill is to see people get back on track financially.

^See consulting agreement for details

*Disclaimer  This is not investment advice, we offer financial education and a newsletter.