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After attending Westmont College and Taylor University Mr. Gemelli started working in finance in 1987 and has excelled in many positions in the insurance and mortgage banking industries. He has traded commodities for a living and raised venture capital.These experiences gave him the ability to write a syndicated finance column with millions of readers.

He wrote for The San Francisco Examiner as well as the Boulder Daily, and was on the board of directors there. Gemelli was the lead finance writer for until they changed their format. While living in Chicago, home to the S&P 500, which is traded at the Mercantile Exchange, Gemelli had an office in a bank across the hall from one of the country’s top S&P traders. His mentor was rich, old and bored and enjoyed having an eager student to pass on a lifetime of experience and knowledge.

Gemelli has used this information with some notable success. He predicted the top of the DOW in 2015 and the bounce in January 2016. He found the bottom of the Oil market, Silver, Sprint, Weight Watchers, US Steel and many others. He is the market forecaster who predicted the market crash that corresponded with September 11th, in his newspaper column, four months in advance. It sounds counter intuitive, but there are patterns in charts that show when they are about to turn.

Keynote speaker on the Success At Sea cruise

He wrote a well-received 72 page e-book (see tabs above) that teaches the basics of proper investing and has been a keynote speaker on the Success At Sea cruise.

Gemelli says “My passion is helping people play catch up. Has the light bulb gone on that at age 50 with $50,000 saved you just may have to work as a Wal-mart greeter when you’re 75? Life happens – a really, really bad divorce in my case. Maybe you were laid off; maybe you had to close your business; maybe an illness, bankruptcy….it doesn’t matter. This economy has thrown a lot of good people off track. What if you can learn to spot the turns 1/4 as well as us? Ordinary people can make in a month what they used to be happy to get in a year! Even if you only double your account each year, $5000, doubled eight times, becomes over $1,000,000!  You can hope again!”

*Disclaimer  This is not investment advice, we offer financial education and a newsletter.