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Testimonials from clients  Our biggest challenge is we do so well. People get skeptical when they see high returns, and rightly so. But that means all these people are lying if we didn’t deliver the results they say they received. It is true and we are the source for you to make more and catch up. Why don’t we start a conversation?

Ralph Y., Denver, CO

“I used the information Eric taught me and made back my fee in the first 2 trades.  I introduced Eric to two financial advisors I know and now he’s their analyst.” 


Judith Ann D., Tx
“Eric made more sense in 30 minutes than my broker did in 2 years”. Please use our new phone number: 720/515-2174.

Steve J., Littleton, CO
“I am extremely happy with the information Eric gave me”. Please use our new phone number: 720/515-2174.


Scott B., Pinehurst, NC

Eric “is one of the better forecasters I’ve ever met”


Brad C., Atlanta, GA

Eric Gemelli has been a friend and business associate for nearly three decades. Mr. Gemelli has been forecasting capital markets for more than 12 years, having learned the trade in the late 90s. His approach to forecasting the markets has been quite accurate over this time. He has a gift for seeing what many others miss. Mr. Gemelli predicted both the downturn following 9/11 (before the event), and also the massive slide we’ve experienced in the last 5 – 6 months.  He was trained by a master trader,  and has apparently been an astute learner.”


Jeslyn H., Longmont, CO ~ marketing manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Eric Gemelli with regards to his radio show, Investing in You. Through the process of assisting Eric in the growth of his radio show, I’ve come to both respect Eric as an individual and a professional. He consistently demonstrates his accurate knowledge of the financial market as well as understanding The Patterns of Life ™, thus helping everyone around him live fuller lives.

Further, Eric continues to demonstrate the genuine and integrity of personal character, which is highly valued and respected by everyone at the Radio Colorado Network. 


Alex K., Boulder, CO ~ college student

Even as a 21 year old, Eric taught me the patterns in the market that predict the turns – the patterns he learned from an S&P floor trader. As a result, not only did I make back my training fee in 1 day, I out performed most professional investors by 10x. I know that sounds incredible, but it’s true. And, it’s not just me. I probably know a dozen people who have learned Eric’s process. If you want to out perform the market, you owe it to yourself to talk to Eric. Thanks again for changing my life! 


Christopher S., Loveland, CO ~ computer repair

Eric has a truly unique talent for recognizing market patterns and a seasoned and comprehensive knowledge of trading markets. It is always an eye opening experience listening to Eric discuss technical market forecasting while weaving that together with his take on fundamental market forces. I’ve consulted with many financial advisors (read: paper investment sales personnel) and, while Eric is not technically a financial advisor, I trust his opinions and perspectives about money and personally directed investing more than any of them.


Sam K., Conifer, CO ~ life coach

Eric is a brilliant and creative financial analyst with an eye for the road less travelled. He has good instincts and loves the hunt for the undervalued company. He is able to articulate complex concepts to the benefit of his clients and strives to educate while he informs.


Jill B., Denver, CO ~ massage therapist

It’s really worth taking Eric’s class; he makes it very understandable. I believe in less than three months we made 20% in our investment. I’m not a numbers person; Eric makes it very easy to understand and follow and invest. I would suggest it to anyone who’s a) playing catch up or b) just wants to make a little extra money. Take your time and go see Eric.


Patrick J., Breckenridge, CO ~ video production

Hi, I’m Patrick Lott Johnson. I’m a former wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. I had the opportunity to sit down with Eric for a few minutes and talk about his system, (while we were talking) in just 20 minutes he made 20% on his money. I was really impressed.


Trent K., Broomfield, CO ~ financial education

I’m 20 years old and I became a client of Eric Gemelli’s last December, about six and a half months ago, and since I’ve started working with him I’ve made over a 140% in my trading account. He’s taught me the way to invest for myself, he told me where the turns are going to be and how …there’s always opportunity in the market, no matter which way it’s going – up or down – Eric has really opened my eyes to that.


Jason G., Thornton, CO  ~ multi-level rep.

This program is really worthwhile. Following the principles I’ve been taught and shown I’ve taken, in a year, five grand – and although on average I have more than tripled it – I’m up over $15,000, from the very beginning, in my first year.


Steve J., Littleton, CO ~ retired

I sat down with Eric; he went through what he did, showed me some charts, we got together, he showed me what was going to happen in the market and what stocks to buy when that happened…the two stocks I bought both went up. I invested ninety six hundred dollars in those two stocks, then within a week I had a $2008 dollar profit, which was twenty one percent. I’ve been extremely happy with the information that Eric gave me.


Bryon D., Thornton, CO ~ financial planner

 Eric’s training will give you knowledge that will benefit you the rest of your life, as well as looking at the market in a completely different way.


Derek Z., Boulder, CO ~ hotel owner 

Excerpt from an interview on our radio show: My biggest day was $40,000… they don’t teach this kind of stuff in college (Derek has a degree in finance)… you have the opportunity to be your own money manager and make your own success.


Alan G., Genesee, CO ~ financial author 

Eric and I have different methods and styles of trading but he always seems to know the overall direction of the market.


Les M., Westminster, CO ~ investment adviser 

There’s a lot of people out there trying to play catch-up. If we go into an environment that has a 6% return, the question becomes, “Do you have enough time for that money to compound?” The answer to that is typically “No”. In order to accelerate that, you need to take more risk and take advantage of some of the strategies you talk about, Eric.


David C., at sea ~ cruise director 

We’ve had the pleasure of having Eric Gemelli, investment coach, aboard the ship, and in 7 short days some of cruisers are going home a lot more enriched, in more ways than one! So look for him on your next cruise on the high seas; glad to have him here!


Tobie B, Denver, CO ~ computer repair 

Excerpt from our radio interview: I would classify myself (investing knowledge) as a negative two, on a 1 – 10 scale, before; now I would say I’m at least a 6 or a 7 and definitely working my way up there, because just with what you taught me so far it’s made it so much simpler and quicker to really know what I’m looking at… I can actually do this.


Kevin M., Edgewater, CO  ~ Shaklee representative

Excerpt from our radio interview: At the refresher course, I took what we learned and invested in some options, in “SPY”, and as of close of market last night I was up on both my positions 63%, after about two days in the market.


Dennis M., Nevada ~ Auto broker

 I made back my training fee in 1 week!!


Jonathan C., Connecticut ~ Rabbi, best selling author 

The Lord bless you, Eric, the Lord keep you, the Lord cause His face to shine on your life, the Lord pour out His grace on every part of your life, the Lord lift up the glory,  of His shining countenance, His presence to light up every area of your life, for His glory. And the Lord give to you Shalom: life, fullness, peace all the blessings of His love.


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We never have access to your trading account. We teach you to trade, and therefore have no way of knowing how representational/typical these testimonials are of people’s experience. We presume some of these folks are our rock stars” and your results may be less.

*Disclaimer  This is not investment advice, we offer financial education and a newsletter.